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Everything You Wanted to Know About Brand Registry (But Were Too Afraid to Ask)

October 17, 2019

Brand Registry is about more than just proving you are who you say you are on Amazon. As stated on Forbes.com, Brand Registry “exists to help brands protect their product listings and offer additional tools to optimize those listings for success.” It’s an important step not only in legitimizing your presence on Amazon, but in giving yourself better opportunities to be seen on the site.

Brand Registry helps ensure that what is said on Amazon about your product is correct. Enrolling for Brand Registry involves proving that the products you sell belong to your brand, so when it comes to the changes made to the product in Seller Central, Brand Registry means your backend changes take priority over all others.

In most cases, only registered brands can add A+ pages to their listings. Not only do A+ pages provide more eye-catching information and eye-pleasing photos, but they’re quantitatively better: some product conversion rates jump by over 30% following the addition of an A+ page.

A picture says a thousand words – but what about a video? Brand Registry gives you the ability to include videos in your listings. Videos which are instructional, descriptive, or persuasive for products with concepts that are hard to grasp are crucial for your conversion rate.

Building a Store is only possible with registered brands. Stores let small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) set up what Business News Daily calls “a separate section where it will highlight small business, feature curated collections of unique products[,] and provide a platform for an online small business experience.” The Amazon Store acts like a real storefront, where instead of going through thousands of different listings, customers can interact with sellers in an online mom-and-pop manner.

Brand Registry lets you be found in more ways than one. As stated on Amazon’s Brand Services page, there are three powerful additional search and report tools:

  • Global Search: This allows customers to search for content in Amazon stores from around the world, all without ever having to navigate to a different page
  • Image Search: This allows customers to find Amazon product listings through your product images and logos
  • Bulk ASIN Search: This lets you search for ASINs or product URLs to quickly report possibly infringing content

Involving more than just the search itself, Brand Registry supplies easy-to-follow guided workflows, which Amazon can review and take action on.

Bad listings are almost inevitable with many products, but Brand Registry implements more protections than Amazon’s typical proactive measures. These include:

  • Product listings that aren’t for your brand and incorrectly use your trademarked terms in their titles
  • Images that contain your logo, but are for products that don’t carry your brand name
  • Sellers shipping products from countries in which you do not manufacture or distribute your brand
  • Product listings being created with your brand name when you have already listed your full product catalog on Amazon

Sponsored Brands are also only possible with Brand Registry. This type of ad is crucial in getting a leg up on the competition. Along with Sponsored Brands, Brand Registry also provides 24/7 support for any question you may have – an at-times crucial component when selling on Amazon.

The benefits of Brand Registry are clearly there. But how easy is it to get Brand Registry? Pretty easy, if you’ve got the trademark with a live registration issued. If you’ve got that, then sign in to your existing Seller Central Account, enroll your brand, and once Amazon has verified the information you’ve submitted, you will be able to enjoy all of the benefits of Brand Registry. For more questions, feel free to look here.