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How (Not) to Make $1 Million on Amazon

August 12, 2019

An Amazon guru, touted on his website as “One of the most sought after [sic] and well-respected leaders on entrepreneurship in today’s market”, has stated in one of his many talks that “When things are right, they’re easy.” He publishes videos which claim to provide hints, tips and methods to make millions selling on Amazon, boiling the path to your first million down to three simple steps. These steps sound remarkably easy. It almost seems as if making money on Amazon is a walk in the park.

There’s just one problem.

Amazon’s not that easy.

While the guru’s videos primarily appeal to individual sellers, the mistakes in his videos can be teaching points for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) on Amazon as well. How does one make $1 million in a year? According to the guru, through three steps: The Grind, Growth, and The Gold. The goal of the first stage is to generate enough sales and reviews to rank for keywords on Amazon – but how does that happen? How does one increase sales?

The guru is suspiciously quiet on this concern. Knoza is not, with 12 services aimed at increasing sales and profit rather than mere turnover and revenue.

How does one ask for reviews? The guru does not appear to mention any method which is currently permitted by Amazon guidelines. How does one manage Feedback Genius, remaining within the ever-changing regulations to ensure that your request for a review actually makes it to the customer?

Knoza does that.

How does one look at competitors, research appropriate search terms, and incorporate everything into a concise, relevant, keyword-dense copy fully optimized for maximum competitiveness on Amazon?

Knoza does that, and rather than waiting 8-12 months after product launch like the guru suggests, implements search engine optimization immediately with up-to-date keywords that rival any competitor.

The guru mentions advertising via Amazon’s Pay-Per-Click method, but provides no details. Rather, he mentions that a seller spend “as much as you can borrow from all of your friends” – and for SMBs, this translates to spending as much as is humanly possible. What is the strategy behind this? To quote the guru verbatim, “The secret to paid advertising is suck until you don’t suck no more.” Grammar mistakes aside, this notion that one simply spend as much money as possible in every direction to see what sticks might – might – help generate revenue, but it is a terrible way to generate profits.

How does one manage Advertising Cost of Sale (ACOS), identify the right ad type for individual products, research keywords, and stay relevant on Amazon’s revolutionary rise as a digital advertising platform, and furthermore how to incorporate new developments like pay-to-play transformations and mobile ads effectively, efficiently, and exceptionally?

Knoza does that.

The guru makes lots of lofty goals to his audience, some of which he outright admits are “for entertainment purposes only” and simply “in my [his] opinion”. Knoza doesn’t make promises that are too good to be true – because if they’re too good to be true, then they’re a waste of time for both your company and for Knoza. Your success on Amazon means success for Knoza; there is no point in guaranteeing that “you will get to 8 figures much faster and with less stress, with higher profit margins…and it’ll actually be a lot more fun” because it’s not fun, it’s a business. Knoza ignores pipe dreams for practical, detailed plans, with methods tried and tested from over 50 success stories. Knoza is not about making a big speech and putting on a good show; Knoza is about making one’s financial success on Amazon as likely and as effective as possible.

For all his hot air, the guru does make one fine point: “I’m looking for good ideas, but ultimately I’m looking for good people, because ultimately people are what is behind a business.” You know your business, and you know your people. Knoza knows Amazon. The team at Knoza is made up of people who know Amazon, who are experts at ad management, content optimization, inventory management, unauthorized reseller oversight, and more. Need help researching competitors? Are you curious about revenue recovery? Do you not have enough time dedicated to Amazon customer engagement?

Knoza does that.